11 Unique Modern Garden Edging Ideas To Choose From!

It takes a lot of effort and continued care to maintain a visually pleasing and aesthetic backyard. To accentuate the look of your backyard while making it much easier to maintain on a regular basis, modern garden edging ideas ensure it stays neat, tidy and orderly enhancing the subtle elegance it brings to your home! As much as traditional edging keeps gravel, mulch and other garden materials in their designated areas, modern garden edging ideas are more versatile and experiment with a variety of materials sparking creativity and ingenuity.

Modern Garden Edging Ideas

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Contrasting Tones

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Contrasting Tones

A great way to add statement and oomph to your backyard is by using some stark color contrasts for your modern garden edging ideas as compared to the rest of the patio flooring. A red brick edging between concrete paving and gravel brings in vibrancy in the color and texture seen overall.

Similarly, you may choose any other color that creates an obvious contrast between your paving and the area you are edging. To name a few, terracotta tones for edging work well against gray patios, while anthracite colored edging may stand out against yellow or brown toned stone flooring.

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Traditional Choices

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Stone

A rather typical and traditional choice for modern garden edging ideas that gives a rather sleek and elegant look with a hint of sophisticated minimalism is the natural stone with a polished finish. A clean, defined edge that is just about tall enough to frame your beautiful flowers and foliage makes the edging blend into the landscape without creating any aesthetic overwhelm.

This is a great option for smaller plots or well-defined flower beds as you can design the stone edging to create some drama with the gravel or lawn covering around.

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Reused/Recycled Materials

Using Recycled Rubber

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Recycled Rubber

A perfect choice for garden edging with kids or pets arounds, this soft edging with recycled rubber will give you durability along with flexibility to install around curved borders. You can now get creative with designing your backyard landscape that is no longer restricted with rigid lines and regular shapes.

Made from tires, recycled rubber edging is eco-friendly and comparatively very easy to work with. The organic patterns created will also add some liveliness to the overall look and feel of the garden. With a height of about 3 to 4 inches, the rubber edging will blend in and not seem overpowering for the backyard.

With Wine Bottles

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Wine Bottles

One of the modern garden edging ideas that is rather unique is the use of old wine bottles for a quirky look for your backyard. All you need are some old colorful glass wine bottles which have to be stuck into the ground upside down to create a border edging for your garden or walkway. Create a pattern with the colors of the bottles for added visual aesthetics. You may also consider adding mulch, gravel or rocks to the inside for even more visual texture and color contrasts.

Using Flower Pots

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Old Pots

For small plots, or compact garden spaces within your backyard, you may use old terracotta pots to create modern garden edging ideas that are earthy and lend a distinctive character to the space. Nest pots into one another and bury them half into the ground for a firm placement, and you are ready with your garden edging!

With Wood Panels

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Wood Panels

Give your backyard garden a vintage look with old wood panels as edging. Reuse wooden pallets for a fresh purpose – paint the wood in some pastel shades for a classic worn out look that stands out and grabs attention. Play around with the heights and thickness of the wood panels to bring in dynamism and avoid a monotonous look.

Using Salvaged Window Grills

Modern Garden Edging Ideas Using Grills

A smart way to save up on costs and reused salvaged materials from reconstruction of your home is to use the decorative window grills as modern garden edging ideas for your new backyard. Give the grills a new life with a fresh coat of paint and watch the intricate fence design draw attention to the plants and highlight those to the viewers.

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Natural Materials

A Miniature Hedge

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Hedges

A great, timeless way to separate your garden from the lawn is with a low-growing garden hedge. It is not only simple and does the job right, but also aesthetically pleasing when trimmed and maintained regularly. A well manicured shrub edging looks sophisticated and modern, with a warm and welcoming look to the garden irrespective of the size of the backyard.

Boulders For Borders

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Boulders

An easy going look that is quick to achieve, and can be managed well by a novice landscaper is using big boulders for your garden edging. Pile up some large rocks along the perimeter of your garden, and mix up with some perennial flowering shrubs in between for a colorful, vibrant look. A smart way to save on costs while opting for such a garden edging look is to pick out and stock up on big boulders as you excavate your plot during construction.

Woven Branch Fence

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Branch Fence

A yet another choice for a rustic look that is beautifully romantic with an old world charm is using woven branches to create a fence for modern garden edging ideas. The branches keep the look imperfectly natural, while the height of the fence is such that it holds raised flower beds perfectly in allowing the plants and flowers to stand out from over the top.

Logs For Raised Flower Beds

Modern Garden Edging Ideas With Wood Logs

Create a raised flower bed by laying out old logs for an absolute natural look within your garden. Place the logs to mark out areas, and fill them up with soil to raise the level. Plant your favorite flowers and watch the garden bloom with color.


  1. What is the best material to use for garden edging?

    Although edging may be done in with a variety of materials, stone or concrete are two of the best materials to use for garden edging. Not only are they sturdy and durable, but also stylish and versatile. They can be styled to complete the overall design of the backyard and the house overall, and they can withstand the test of time and extreme weather conditions. These benefits make stone or concrete overall a worthy investment for garden edging materials.

  2. Is edging your garden hard?

    Garden edging need not be hard! The efforts for garden edging depend on the material you choose. A ready flower bed edging with wood logs or some recycled materials such as rubber or plastic is quite easy as the material needs to be simply tapped into the ground using a wooden block and mallet. However, materials such as stone or metal need comparatively more time and effort and usually need a trench to be dug and laid with a concrete foundation.

  3. Why is garden edging necessary?

    Garden edging creates some defined lines between your flower and foliage beds and the other areas of your backyard. It forms a barrier between your lawn and the landscaped areas avoiding the weeds to encroach the garden. This avoids the time effort required to pull out weeds from your backyard thus saving you on overall garden maintenance.