6 Easy And Affordable Home Improvement Projects New Homebuyers Should Do Before Moving In

6 affordable repair or restoration projects to consider before your move-in date.

Removal of any carpets you might wish to never see again and get them to quote you a price to either repair and finish the floors or get a price to replace the carpets.

Get a quote for any Wall papers that need to be removed, walls to be skim coated and then a professional paint job.

While you are at it, get an estimate to add some crown moldings, new window and door trim molding or even a new base molding to create a finished look. You would be amazed at the variety of available options out in the market today that would instantly redefine your interiors. Wainscoting is always a great option in the Dining and Living rooms or even around the staircase.

Small items that you might never think of updating are the most important and sometimes more visible such as all the worn out door knobs, painted over door hinges or even old style electric switch plates. Always go for a sleek look and get an estimate on Replacing the switch plates with screw-less covers and add a dimmer or two in to the mix for ambient and mood control.

Take your contractors in to your bathrooms and ask them what they can do for under $1,000 to give each room an improved look. You will be amazed of what you would be able to do for a grand.

If your kitchen is in a good condition, then defer your attention to your basement because that’s where you will get the biggest bang for your hard earned dollars.Typically the cost of a finished first or second floor is double or triple the cost of per square feet of finished basement. Set aside a reasonable budget say between $20.00 to $35.00 per square feet for a finished basement and instantly increase the total family living space that you can put to good use. Also don’t forget to build a small laundry room down there as well. Remember tile on the floor and wainscot on the wall with a pull out ironing board and an outlet with a timer. For good measure throw in a drop ceiling with couple of hi-hats on dimmers and you are good to go.

A sound advice is always to do the work before you officially move in so that once you are in your new home you have many years of stress free living ahead of you without an ounce of worrying about calling contractors, scheduling meeting with them and interrupting your life while you are getting back to the swing of things.