Popcorn Ceiling – What a Painter Should Know

A popcorn ceiling has the texture that makes it appear as if you have popcorn stuck to your ceiling. They are also called acoustic ceiling, and were a feature in almost all building that were built during the ’70s and ’80s. During this time, the builders used them as a cost cutting technique because they save the cost of smoothing a ceiling. They look great if they are painted with the right color combinations.


An important fact to know before a painter begins painting is that this type of ceiling will be a large paint splash, splatter, and drip experience as paint is going to come down in all directions. Try to remove as much of the furniture as you can from the room and cover the rest with plastic sheets. Cover the floors with drop cloths too so you do not have to scrub the floor after the paint job is done. To avoid painting the light fixtures removed them if possible. Pack them safely in a box until the paint has dried. Take a duster and gently clean the ceiling being careful not to dislodge the texture. In addition to taking precautions with the floor and furniture to keep them paint free, the painters need to wear older clothes that do not matter if they become paint splattered and wear eye protection. If you are going to paint the walls also you should paint the ceiling first. If you are not painting the walls you have to … Read More

Premium Residential Projects On Rise In Faridabad

Property rates in Delhi and its surrounding regions are at an all time high. While the Capital is facing a space crunch, the neighboring areas have become a viable option for home seekers and investors. Property in the National Capital Region (NCR) is becoming a prized possession. Property developers are building varied options in residential and commercial category. While most home seekers prefer affordable houses (in the range of Rs 15-30 lakh budget) there are still others who are seeking luxurious housing options.

Property developers are introducing innovating and interesting concepts to woo users in the NCR. Delhi-based property developer Omaxe has tied up with Thai Privilege Spas to launch an exclusive spa village in Faridabad. This spa village would have spa centers where spa management experts would help people unwind and relax. Omaxe will manage the spa technique in this proposed village.

Omaxe has two more premium residential projects in Faridabad. They are – Omaxe The Forest and Omaxe Hills – at Faridabad. Omaxe Hills is a residential complex of high-rise apartments. This property would have five towers that would house 2-3 bedroom houses. Omaxe The Forest is a fully air-conditioned residential complex. This complex has nine towers that would host 4-5 bedroom houses. This complex would have the luxuries of sauna, steam, jacuzzi and shower.

Besides this, The Paranayam Flats offers luxurious living in Faridabad. These flats would be air-conditioned and would have modular kitchens. The area spread for a 3-bedroom is 1568 sq ft while that of … Read More

10 Cost-Saving Design Ideas for Your Next Home Building Project

Planning to build a new home and want to get the most for your money? With labor and materials accounting for a large percentage of the cost for new home construction, it pays to take an in-depth look at the house plan design. Here are 10 ways to sharpen the pencil for construction savings and, at the same time, create a little pizazz.


    Utilize more open space. Open space areas can borrow space from one another and, therefore, require less overall square footage. The resulting effect is a greater sense of spaciousness without adding to the cost. Also, house plan designs that set rooms and access doors at 45 degree angles have a better feel to them and tend to be more accessible and open; appearing larger than their actual square footage. This can be an especially cost-effective technique when used for interior, non-bearing walls.


    Think even numbers in home plan designs. Most building material dimensions are based on 2-foot increments. Your plan should use 2 foot multiples throughout the design to minimize waste, disposal expenses and to reduce cutting time.


    For the appropriate home building project, prefabricated roof trusses are more economical than site-built ones, saving on labor and construction time. They also reduce the duration of time that interior framing members are exposed to the elements.


    Stairs and other framed openings should be located in such a way as to minimize the interruption of floor joists. If the home

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