Basement Remodeling – A Focus on Waterproofing

Living in any big city including NYC does pose limited options in housing, especially if you are not as rich. Because of the population density that continually grows together with the jungle of business establishments small and big, space generally is an issue. But even with the limited living area that you have, you can spruce things up by maximizing space usage. Basement remodeling is probably the smartest way to add living space to your New York home without having to construct house extensions.

When basement remodeling, a very crucial step to take which should be done before the actual designing is waterproofing. Even if your New York homes are rarely faced with problems regarding flooding or dampness, this step ensures that the end result of the project would be needing less maintenance and repair, making you enjoy your newly created space in the longest possible time. And though you would have to face the costs now, the long-term benefits would prove to add value to your home and save you more bucks.

When basement remodeling, permanent solutions are definitely advantageous but can take some time. So it would be best to have your New York contractor work with you even in the planning stage. The amount of work needed to be done depends no the existing damages that need to be repaired. When checking your basement for waterproofing problems, be wary of the following indications:

. Musty odor would have, from dry rot and mold that are already decomposing.… Read More

A Recommended Remodeling Recess

Many people are planning to stay put in their own homes until the loan market steadyies. Perhaps that will happen when the new proposals that will tighten up the mortgage market go through.

This waiting period seems a good opportunity to improve the value of the existing home by decorating and renovating. There are still safe lenders out there who will lend you a little cash based on the equity that has mounted up in your home. Your original lender is the best place to start. They have proved reliable, and they will have to be involved in any other loan, as they probably hold the deeds of your property. Some home improvements are ‘worth more’ on the housing market than others, one of the first questions you must ask is if you are actually trying to improve the property for yourself, or for the re-sale value.

It seems that renovating has been popular this year. The Remodelers Chairman of the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB), Mike Nagel, views the amount of renovations happening as a positive sign for realty. “Though down a bit from the previous quarter, the remodeling market is not experiencing the dip in production and sales being seen by the new home building sector of the industry.”

Also, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, spending on residential remodeling and home repairs has climbed steadily, setting a new record this year. If you are undecided about which improvements to actually splash … Read More

Importance of Temporary Door, Jamb, and Threshold Protection During Construction and Remodeling

The front entryway including the door, jambs, and threshold is the focal point of your client’s home. It sets the tone and expectation for the rest of the home, and it can add or detract curb appeal. Entryways have been important dating as far back to the Greeks. According to Jesse Nevins of Coastal Carolina University, “To ancient Greeks doors were considered sacred and surrounded with superstition. So much so that doors and the comprising parts had their own deities. For the Greeks a door was not simply a way to enter a building , but a holy place itself worthy of the highest respect.”

Keeping doors, jambs and thresholds looking great while a home is under construction or remodeling is important, and is now easier than ever. During construction, contractors will pass through the doorway with materials and equipment needed for the construction project. Each pass risks scratching or clinking the home entryway. Temporary protection should be in place prior to the start of construction and should include protection for all the aspects of the entryway.

Doors can be protected with temporary cardboard door protectors available from a variety of manufacturers. Several protectors are not only made from recycled cardboard, but can be reused and recycled entirely again, making these protectors truly green. The first protector to market and most popular is DoorGuard. It is a truly green product that uses recycled cardboard for the door protection with natural rubber bands for attachment. Another popular protector is the 1-2-3 … Read More