Best Ways to Beautifully Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

With just the right set of lights, you can effectively make your outdoor space feel more functional and welcoming, whether you want to extend summer with warmer temperatures or just intend to host an extravagant, awesome dinner party. While it may prove difficult to know exactly where to begin, there are numerous lighting options available that can make choosing easy for you.

The right outdoor lighting design will allow you to quickly trigger interest in a patio space by creating warmth and ambiance in a shadowy outdoor corner. Additionally, you can draw attention to your garden pergola while highlighting other desirable features, such as your favorite plant collection.

However, to avoid the complexities and dangers of handling electrical wiring yourself, it’s best to hire a licensed electrician like Grand Wall Electric to ensure the work is done safely and efficiently. Below are some of the best outdoor lighting ideas to help you navigate the options available in elevating your outdoor space when the sun sets:

1. Go for Modern Wall Front Door Lights

You can agree that all your front gardens will eventually need illumination when the sun goes down and the night finally sets. This is especially true for your front door. However, you shouldn’t go for one light when you have the option of two, as symmetry is always more appealing.

If you intend to make a stylish statement, consider integrating modern black wall lights that lie against your white-cladded walls. Additionally, these exposed bulbs will create that

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10 Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas For Your Special Moments!

While you relax after a long week of work, the luxurious hot tub in your backyard is sure to be your best friend. And the last thing you want for your moment of bliss and peace are some neighbors intruding on your privacy as you lounge away in your backyard. Let go off of the self-consciousness and let your hair down as these backyard hot tub privacy ideas keep your space personal and exclusive and allow you to really indulge in the moment!

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

Place The Hot Tub Beneath A Modern Pergola

Place The Hot Tub Beneath A Modern Pergola
Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas – Pergola

A pergola has been long used as a way to create privacy when needed and is one of the clever backyard hot tub privacy ideas. Not only does a pergola work for all kinds of weather, but also makes for pretty design aesthetics.

For a contemporary backyard, a sleek, modern pergola complete with automated adjustable slats and sliding doors will allow the control on the natural light flowing into the enclosure as well as a warm dip during the winters.

In the case that your backyard is more organic flowing and romantic in style, you may choose to go for a traditional wooden pergola covered with colorful bougainvillea running across making the space vibrant while keeping it personal.

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas Using A Corner Screen

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas Using A Corner Screen
Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas – Corner Screen

Screens are a great way to ensure privacy while being partially closed

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Fall-Winter Interior Design Trends For 2022

Are you looking for some gorgeous fall and winter interior design trends? While there are countless options to choose from, a few tend to stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading if you’re interested in finding some of the top ideas. Below you’ll discover unique fall and winter interior design trends to try out this year.

Kitchen Plate Walls

This might seem a little strange, but applying for plates along a wall can add a homey touch – something perfect for the colder months.

To make a kitchen plate wall, consider the theme you’re going for. While you can mix and match, it’s often better to have design consistency. Once you figure this out, you can then hunt around for distinctive pieces to put in your collection.

After this is done, play around with its layout. For example, do you want just a few hung in straight lines or a jumble of them in a certain pattern? When you find the perfect configuration, you can then start hanging them.

Plush Pumpkins

Plush pumpkins are a fun yet decorative touch! They come in numerous colors and shapes so that you can make catchy arrangements. Besides this, the pumpkins have a handmade look which makes them a great talking point.

You can shop for some online or at a local store or even create your own! There’s no end to the possibilities. Plus, they can be reused year after year.

Decorated Fireplace Coats

One long-lasting fall and winter trend is a spruced-up

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