Charming and Modern Minimalist Home Makeup Guide

Generally, if a house is built in a minimalist style, the interior design and decoration will also be familiar with this concept. One minimalist concept that is very often highlighted is a simple form, but it always looks beautiful and modern.

There is no furniture and makeup that is very dominant or large dimensions both outside and inside the house, but it can always create a safe atmosphere. There are many ways to make a small or minimalist home make-up beautiful, for example by buying the right furniture or paint.

So for that, we will recommend 8 ways to do minimalist home makeup so that your home is more attractive.

8 Tips for Decorating a Tiny House with a Minimalist Style

Selection of Bright but Always Neutral Colors

The minimalist style does look like a simple home make-up, but each element must be selected properly. For example, the selection of minimalist house paint, where this is very important to produce the desired atmosphere.

For minimalist home makeup, the selection of brightly patterned room paint can produce a modern impression and a safe atmosphere. Bright motifs such as white and neutral colors such as gray and pastels are the hallmarks of a minimalist home.

While you can go for lighter colors, we recommend always using derived colors and limiting the number of colors selected. To support the desired concept, you can also choose curtains that are uniform with the room. The selection of window curtains can be a point of interest of the house, one of the tricks is to choose curtains that contrast with the color of the interior of the house.

Mix with Natural Elements

Balance the look of white space and sleek lines with natural materials, such as a wooden bench or wicker basket. Place some flower stems or ornamental plants with matching patterns on the coffee table, or place a palm pot in an empty corner to brighten up the room.

One of the key elements of a minimalist style is a simple natural look, such as a chair or a novel rack made of wood.

Using Natural Light

Sufficient natural lighting can give a safer impression on our homes, you know. Not only does it make the living room and other areas warmer, you also don’t have to bother adding a lot of makeup that actually makes the room scatter.

Not bad add light curtains as makeup. This allows more sunlight to enter, and brightens everything in its path. To make natural light spread throughout the room, you can add large glass that can reflect light.

Selection of Small and Multi functional Furniture

Because minimalist homes have simple characteristics and few things, so you have to choose furniture that is simple and multi functional. The choice of small furniture as a minimalist home makeup is also one way to create the personality of the house.

Like the example of a minimalist bedroom above, you should use small-dimensional furniture with the same dimensions so as not to make the room look empty. Meanwhile, smart furniture is useful for saving space because it combines 2 or more uses of furniture, as well as being a place for storage at home.

Examples of multi functional furniture that can be used are a table and a novel rack, a mattress with a novel shelf under it, or a bunk bed with a study table at the bottom. Some of the houses and apartments that use multi-functional furniture.

Vertical Open Shelf

Open novel shelves as a minimalist home make-up are perfect for creating the impression of a spacious room. Not only that, its large size will be more effective than a wide shelf to the side. After all, this open shelf will make it easier for you to find a collection of novels that you want to read.

Find Smart Storage Solutions

As you may already know, the concept of minimalism is all about keeping the “clutter” to a minimum. No matter how hard we try to do it, routine likes to pile up objects, dirty clothes, or dishes in the sink, making it difficult for us to reach the minimalist concept.

But now that problem can be solved through smart storage, which you can create by using some corner of the room. Currently, some houses that practice the concept of a compact house provide a lot of storage space.

Modern Patterned Carpet

To design a living and family room without a partition, try using a modern rug, for example a rug with a large square pattern or an abstract pattern.

Of course, this option can give a modern impression to the minimalist living room that you desire. Generally, abstract and box motifs also give a more solid minimalist impression to the living room design.

Apart from motifs, don’t forget to choose carpets made from soft and safe on the feet to complete a minimalist living room.

Transparent Table and Sofa

When choosing a table and sofa for your home, try to choose one that uses a quality translucent material such as acrylic. Even though it’s see-through and looks fragile, in reality acrylic is sturdy enough to withstand the weight on it.

This see-through table and sofa will make your small workspace look modern. Not only in the workspace, you can also put the transparent table and sofa in the multi-purpose room.

Like that minimalist home makeup that you usually apply. Pretty easy, right?