Home Improvement Plumbing Projects For Under $500

In many cases, people think that they can do a lot of projects around the house themselves, but they get nervous when it comes to home improvement plumbing. Plumbing projects can get expensive but, many times, that is because of the cost of labor. There are many simple plumbing projects that can be completed without a professional for less than $500.

One thing that someone can do to update their bathroom is change the faucets. The faucet itself can be found for less than one hundred dollars and, if someone is confident that they can install it on their own, that will be the extent of the expense. Replacing old faucets with new ones is a quick and easy way to change the entire look of a bathroom.

Another renovation that is equally simple is replacing the shower head. It is easy to find a new shower head for as little as twenty dollars and installing it only takes a few minutes. Not only will this make the shower look nicer, but it can greatly improve the water pressure, resulting in showers that leave everyone feeling cleaner and more relaxed. There is also the benefit of saving water, which will decrease both the water bill and the electric bill, as the hot water heater will not have to have to fill as often or as much after the family takes a shower.

While some plumbing projects are purely cosmetic, others are incredibly important. Having a hot water heater that is in good working condition is necessary for doing laundry, washing dishes and comfortably bathing. Many models can be found for fewer than 500 dollars, but it is best to look for a gas heater. They tend to be less expensive and can last for as long as fourteen years.

Many people get by drinking tap water, but few of them actually enjoy it. Tap water has harmful elements such as chlorine and other minerals that not only make it taste bad, but actually make it unhealthy. A filtration system is easy to install in a sink and they can be found for well under 500 dollars.

Whether making cosmetic changes or necessary updates, home improvement plumbing projects can easily be completed for less than 500 dollars. It is smart to shop around and find the best deals on fixtures to save money. If someone can do the work themselves, they will save even more money on updating their plumbing.