How Much is a Cord of Wood? All You Need to Know

At some point in time, we all come across situations in life where we need to store wood. It is at that time we wonder how much is a cord of wood. Whether it is winter approaching or you are looking forward to a bonfire, you would definitely need some wood to have the stock as when required.

Undoubtedly, having put some firewood in a furnace is one of the best ways to generate heat. And let’s not forget the ambiance that a furnace or a bonfire can create while partying.

Firewood is essentially one of the best ways to heat your house. It saves up some energy costs and also creates an ambiance you would love. So, stocking up some firewood is probably one of the best things you can do, especially when winters are around the corner. But, how much firewood should you stock? What is the unit of measurement, and how much is a cord of wood cost? Here, we will find answers to all these questions related to firewood.

How Much is a Cord of Wood? – The Actual Answer

Just like we have unit measurements for different kinds of substances, we have one for wood too! A cord is the measurement of a wood’s unit. If you wish to measure wood, it is imperative that you stack it well and tight. Also, these should run parallel to one another.

How Much is a Cord of Wood?
How Much is a Cord of Wood?

When you stack the wood as tightly as possible, it is called a running cord. It is from this running cord that a person measures the wood. A running cord will allow you to find the actual answer to the question, ‘how much is a cord of wood?’ Usually, a running cord contains 600 to 800 pieces of firewood tightly stacked.

Is the Answer to ‘How Much is a Cord of Wood?’ Same Everywhere?

Typically, the answer to ‘how much is a cord of wood’ varies from region to region. There can be different regulations pertaining to cord size in different countries. As for the United States of America, one cord has a volume of about 128 cubic feet.

How Much is a Cord of Wood?
How Much is a Cord of Wood?

There is also an alternative approach to measuring how much is a cord of wood. If a stack is 4 feet wide and high with a depth of about 8 feet, it will amount to a cord of wood. However, this does not mean that every state in the United States of America has the same definition. It can vary from state to state. So, if you are about to order a cord of wood, be sure to check how much is a cord of wood in your state.

How Much is a Cord of Wood Cost?

If you were to find the price of a cord of wood, you would typically find it ranging from $300. It can go as high as $500. Again, this depends on the volume of the firewood in the cord. Its length, height, and width are also some determining factors.

How much a cord of a wood cost depends on location in which you live. The type of wood and the woodcut are also important factors here. If you place an order for seasoned or dry wood, it would typically cost you more.

However, in most states, you would find the price ranging between $150-$500.

Does Any Other Metric Exist to Measure Wood?

Measuring a cord of wood and knowing how much is a cord of wood can be very tricky. It is especially because there are several methods to judge this. Ideally, the cord is the standard unit of measurement of firewood in maximum places. However, a cord of wood is way too much for any person. Think about the difficulty you would face while storing approximately 600 to 800 pieces of firewood.

So, there is a need for a more suitable method to measure wood.

  • half cord- A half cord of wood is equivalent to an area 4 feet wide, long, and deep. So, if you have half a cord of wood, you will be able to fill an area equal to these measurements.
  • Face Cord- A face cord is a rick of firewood that is equivalent to a third of a cord. It would fill an area that is four feet tall. The width of a face cord is eight feet, and the depth is about 16 inches.
  • Quarter Cord- Most people in the states opt for a quarter cord of wood. It is popular among people because it can easily fill an area that is four feet tall, six feet wide, and sixteen inches deep. Mostly, people have this availability in their houses and thus are able to store a cord of wood safely.

What Factors Affect the Cost of the Cord of a Firewood?

Typically, there are a handful of factors that affect the cost of firewood. However, some factors contribute to how much is a cord of wood cost. Usually, they include:

  • The time of the year you are purchasing firewood.
  • The type of wood
  • The cut of wood

Oakwood is one common kind of firewood that people usually buy. If you are thinking about how much is a cord of wood cost, it can be as low as $180 for oakwood. However, purchasing high-quality wood like mesquite or southern cherry fruitwood can make you spend money ranging between $300 to $900 per cord.

There are certain places in the states where you can find the price of a cord of wood typically very low. For instance, places like Michigan make available a cord of wood for as low as $120. However, states like California and Florida will have you spend at least $350 on a cord of wood.

The prices soar even higher if you plan to prepare during the times when demand is high. In winter, for instance, the answer to ‘how much is a cord of wood cost’ would be double the price you pay in other seasons.

Can You Get Your Own Firewood?

Of course, you can get your own firewood if you can cut it! Cutting firewood is a hectic job, and if you have the proper tools and equipment, you can cut a few logs of wood. In fact, cutting your own firewood will help you save some costs.

However, before you plan to cut your own firewood, it is important that you measure the dimensions of the space in which you plan to store it. Apparently, it would be frustrating if you cut some wood but are unable to store it in your house. Apart from this, it is also crucial that you check whether the firewood will fit in the fireplace or stove. Finally, you should also ensure that you pick the perfect time of the year to chop the firewood off the trees.

If you cut the wood in the rainy season, it wouldn’t burn properly. Thus, seeking answers to how much is a cord of wood would be futile because you will be unable to use it efficiently. Therefore, it is best that you cut the firewood at the time when it is possible to dry and season it for use in the upcoming months.

‘How Much is a Cord of Wood Cost’- The Ways to Save Money

We like to save every penny that we can while buying something. If you are in for saving a few bucks while trying to find how much is a cord of wood cost, we will let you in on little secrets. But for that, you will have to move around a bit and communicate with the people around you.

Usually, there are a lot of construction companies and tree-trimming companies that have plentiful firewood with them. How much is a cord of wood might vary amongst these companies, but one thing is for sure! They all want to get rid of the extra firewood that they hold. And for this, they are willing to sell it for a lesser price than you would actually find in the market.

Besides this, you can also get in touch with the people who do the job of cleaning up after a big storm. They will be more than happy to recycle the wood rather than throw it off. If you pick any of these ways, you would definitely be able to save a few bucks while purchasing firewood.

Storing Firewood

Now that you know everything about how much is a cord of wood cost and everything else related to firewood let us give you a few tips on how to store it.

If you have already purchased some dried and seasoned firewood, it is your foremost priority to put it in a convenient spot. However, if the firewood you just brought home isn’t dried or wet, you have some more effort to put into storing it.

  • Make sure to split the firewood into pieces that are easy to manage.
  • Now, look for a spot in your home that allows good airflow. Placing the firewood here will ensure that it dries up quickly.
  • Avoid placing the firewood between trees as it would only complicate the process of its drying.

The time that the firewood will take to dry will depend upon how you stack your wood. First, you need to find how much is a cord of wood in your stack of firewood. It will help you find how many pieces of firewood you possess. The best practice to stack them is to place them parallel as logs or on bricks. Make sure to stack them with stakes at every end. They should be properly placed in a row.

Whichever way you choose to store your firewood, it is essential that you burn it only when it is dry. Store it in a safe spot and take out only that number of firewood that is sufficient for a day or two’s supply. And don’t forget to cover it so that it is safe from the elements that can damage it.


how much is a cord of wood is a common question that arises in the mind of people purchasing firewood. The definition of a cord of wood varies across regions. Ideally, it usually comprises 600 to 800 logs of firewood.

If you are looking to purchase some firewood as a heating source in chilly winter, you should probably buy a quarter of a cord. It will ensure you a sufficient supply, and you would also be able to store it conveniently. Also, check out this awesome step-by-step guide to building a firepit with bricks. Also, look at these firepit seating ideas that will help you come up with a comfortable seating arrangement. After all, you must be excited to use the firewood that you plan to buy after reading this information on how much is a cord of wood.