Minimalist Home Interior Inspirations for All Rooms

Minimalism is all around us, from product packaging, website pages, to home interior design. If you type the keyword “minimalist home interior inspiration” in the search engine, an image of a residence with a simple design and minimal furniture will appear.

As is well known, the term minimalism is used to describe a trend in architectural design where elements are used only according to need. In this case, minimalist home interior design tries to make everything in it beautiful

How to Apply Minimalist Interior Design at Home

If so, what is needed to apply a minimalist design to the dwelling? As an illustration, minimalist home interiors focus on designs and elements that seem clean and simple.

Geometric shapes, firm lines, elegant colors and textures, as well as multifunctional decorations are some of the characteristics of a modern minimalist style house. To apply a minimalist style to your home, you can listen to some of the tips below:

  •     Choose furniture that has multiple functions
  •     Incorporate plants and natural elements into your home
  •     Keep the house clean
  •     Use the “one in, one out” rule
  •     Maximize natural lighting
  •     Keep the room looking simple
  •     Add accessories that match the interior style

Next, let’s look at some minimalist home interior inspiration that can be applied in various different rooms.

Interior of a minimalist living room with an industrial feel

The first example of a minimalist home interior is an open living room with the impression of an unfinished design in the style of an industrial house. As you can see, this interior style is warmed by the combination of earthy tones and relaxed décor options inside. Meanwhile, the artwork placed on the floor aims to present an edgy bohemian home feel.

Minimalist Living Room Interior Design

The inspiration for the next modern minimalist home interior design comes from the small living room, which is filled with a coffee table and gray chairs. If you are interested, you can also see recommendations for housing with a similar interior style at Springhill Yume Lagoon and The Ambawani Residence.

Minimalist Living Room Interior with Monochrome Colors

To soften the minimalist impression of an all-white room, this family room combines natural lighting with dark colored furniture and decorations. As you can see, the plush sofa and cushions as well as the wide dark carpet in the room, look in harmony with the palette.

Textures from the pillows on the floor to the white curtains, also make this room attractive without deviating from the essence of minimalism.

Minimalist Multipurpose Room Ideas in the House

You can also create a comfortable minimalist workspace at home. For example, the minimalist home interior model above, which provides a unique and aesthetic atmosphere. By arranging a workspace near the kitchen, you can prepare breakfast and then work from home (WFH) comfortably. To be honest, there are several residences that have a multi-purpose room like the one above. For example, Myza BSD City has a working room in it.

Scandinavian Style Minimalist Master Bedroom Inspiration

A minimalist bedroom with a Scandinavian feel can be defined as a room with clean lines, a neutral palette, and functional decor. As is known, having fewer items means that everything in the room should be beautiful and practical.

So don’t be surprised if arranging a room like this also takes time, especially for decorating and choosing the right bedroom furniture. Even if you are really interested in owning a Scandinavian-style house.

Modern Minimalist Children’s Bedroom

By adopting a minimalist design, you can arrange a children’s room to feel more spacious while reducing clutter in it. If you have two small children, you can add a bunk bed, if only two bedrooms are available.

Minimalist Kitchen Under the Chic Style Stairs

This minimalist kitchen which is located under the stairs can be applied for those of you who want to maximize every space in the house. To give a modern minimalist impression, install driftwood shelves and a kitchen set with a similar tone.

Minimalist Bathroom Interior with Skylights

Adding skylights can be a great way to change the vibe of a room, especially the upstairs bathroom. Due to privacy concerns, bathrooms usually have fewer windows and openings than the rest of the house. That’s why most bathrooms tend to be dark and damp. By adding skylights, you can get additional lighting while maintaining your privacy from neighbors.

Bathroom Ideas in a Minimalist Bedroom

Finally, there is a minimalist bedroom inspiration in the bedroom. You can arrange it in such a way that it looks beautiful without ruining the atmosphere of the room. For example, by placing plants in the house that can filter out unpleasant odors such as aloe vera, lavender, or mint.

Those were some inspirations for minimalist home interiors in various rooms that can be cheated.

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