12 Vaulted Ceiling Ideas That Are Amazing

Home decor is one thing that has everyone’s heart. Of course, we would want our home to look adorable with the perfect home decor. But do you know that a ceiling can also play a great role in contributing to the beauty of your home decor? Yes! That’s why some vaulted ceiling ideas can help you get through and make your home look stylish and elegant.

It does not matter whether you have a contemporary home or a traditional one. You can always make your ceiling look brilliant with these vaulted ceiling ideas. They add a touch of luxury and vibrancy to your home and are sure to get your home some appreciation.

Vaulted ceilings give your home a unique touch. Good architectural design with a perfect vaulted ceiling will make your home look beautiful. Usually, these ideas originate from churches that had high ceiling beams. With these vaulted ceiling ideas, you can make use of the unused space on your roof. They allow you to have extended ceilings that allow your house to emit luxurious vibes from your house.

So, let us help you explore some vaulted ceiling ideas that are ideal for your home type.

Vaulted Ceiling Ideas (1-3)

Check out the top three vaulted ceiling ideas for the home of your dreams.

White, Bright and High Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

White, Bright and High Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
White, Bright and High Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

You can choose to make your ceiling look whiter and brighter. Usually, a vaulted ceiling looks great if it has some

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7 Ways To Deal With Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

While designing a home, it is not always about the furniture and decor pieces that you pick. Intertwining beauty with a clever play between the space and objects is the key for a good design, especially when dealing with awkward living room layout ideas. Selecting the right pieces, putting them together to create a composition that makes the space seem larger yet comfortable and stylish is what it takes to create the feeling of a home within the space.

Some common awkward living room layout ideas deal with an L-shaped living room, others have an angled fireplace, while some spaces open right away as you walk through the main entrance. While we look at choices to deal with such situations, here are some awkward living room layout ideas and designs that work well with each!

Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

L-Shaped Living-Dining Room

L-Shaped Living-Dining Room
L-Shaped Awkward Living Room Layout Ideas

Although this is a pretty common room configuration for homes, the designing of such spaces still poses a challenge to many as this is one of the rather awkward living room layout ideas to set up. As a general rule, the portion of the L-shape closer to the kitchen is assigned as the dining area, while the wider area is meant to serve as the living space. A sectional sofa is your best bet to create a space that justifies the layout, while you may choose area rugs to define functionality.

Use a color palette that flows over the complete space

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Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | October 8, 2022

This week, hear how to insulate around recessed lighting, plus the best options for vinyl floor underlayment. (3 Echoes Content Studio/psahota, Getty Images)

Hour 1

Hear underlayment options for vinyl plank flooring, a tip for insulating around recessed lights, and more.

Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring with a cork underlayment
The proper underlayment for vinyl plank flooring will block out moisture and serve as insulation. (psahota, Getty Images)

Paul in Illinois wants to replace the carpet on the lower level of his tri-level home with vinyl plank flooring. This level is on a concrete slab, and the floor gets very cold in the wintertime.

He wants to know if he can put a quarter-inch or half-inch high-density foam board under the flooring to act as insulation between the concrete floor and the flooring.

“Will that cause problems with trapping moisture under that?” he asks.

Having existing carpet there will be a pretty good test of moisture accumulation. If you pull the carpet up and don’t see signs of moisture damage, he should be fine.

In terms of putting anything dense over the slab, any layer will certainly help insulate it a little bit. A quarter-inch underlayment, glued and screwed down properly, will work well, and some would even say it’s overkill.

Check with the vinyl floor manufacturer first. Some are very specific about what types of underlayment to use. Some will allow a very thin underlayment, no more than an eighth of an inch, and others don’t recommend one.

Vinyl plank flooring doesn’t have

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