Ask Danny | Ep. 14: Answers to Your Homeowners Insurance Questions

This week, Danny Lipford chats with Michelle Tennant from Erie Insurance to discuss how folks can find peace of mind with homeowners insurance. (3 Echoes Content Studio/Erie Insurance)

This week, I’m talking with Michelle Tennant, vice president of Product Management in the Erie Insurance Personal Lines division.

Michelle has been with Erie since 2001 and has helped to develop Erie Insurance’s Auto, Umbrella, and Renters insurance products, as well as its Homeowners insurance coverages.

Erie Insurance has been in business since 1925, and for nearly a century we’ve been providing home, auto, business and life insurance.

We are based in Erie, Penn., and we serve customers in about 12 states. We know insurance can be complicated so with every policy, we have a knowledgeable independent agent within your community that can guide you through the process to get the right coverage for your life.

Insurance policy, seen on a desk beside a pair of reading glasses.
Homeowners insurance provides financial protection in the event of a disaster. (Mohamad Fazil Bin Ramli/Getty Images)

Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Every homeowner has homeowners insurance but many don’t know why — what is the purpose of homeowners insurance?

Michelle: Homeowners insurance provides financial protection in the event something crazy happens, like an accident or weather-related event that damages your home.

At Erie Insurance, we think about this in a few different ways.

First is the home itself — the structure. It would cover the exterior of your home if there is damage.

Next is your personal property. A policy will cover valuable items that are

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How Much is a Cord of Wood? All You Need to Know

At some point in time, we all come across situations in life where we need to store wood. It is at that time we wonder how much is a cord of wood. Whether it is winter approaching or you are looking forward to a bonfire, you would definitely need some wood to have the stock as when required.

Undoubtedly, having put some firewood in a furnace is one of the best ways to generate heat. And let’s not forget the ambiance that a furnace or a bonfire can create while partying.

Firewood is essentially one of the best ways to heat your house. It saves up some energy costs and also creates an ambiance you would love. So, stocking up some firewood is probably one of the best things you can do, especially when winters are around the corner. But, how much firewood should you stock? What is the unit of measurement, and how much is a cord of wood cost? Here, we will find answers to all these questions related to firewood.

How Much is a Cord of Wood? – The Actual Answer

Just like we have unit measurements for different kinds of substances, we have one for wood too! A cord is the measurement of a wood’s unit. If you wish to measure wood, it is imperative that you stack it well and tight. Also, these should run parallel to one another.

How Much is a Cord of Wood?
How Much is a Cord of Wood?

When you stack the wood as tightly as possible,

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Fall-Winter Interior Design Trends For 2022

Are you looking for some gorgeous fall and winter interior design trends? While there are countless options to choose from, a few tend to stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading if you’re interested in finding some of the top ideas. Below you’ll discover unique fall and winter interior design trends to try out this year.

Kitchen Plate Walls

This might seem a little strange, but applying for plates along a wall can add a homey touch – something perfect for the colder months.

To make a kitchen plate wall, consider the theme you’re going for. While you can mix and match, it’s often better to have design consistency. Once you figure this out, you can then hunt around for distinctive pieces to put in your collection.

After this is done, play around with its layout. For example, do you want just a few hung in straight lines or a jumble of them in a certain pattern? When you find the perfect configuration, you can then start hanging them.

Plush Pumpkins

Plush pumpkins are a fun yet decorative touch! They come in numerous colors and shapes so that you can make catchy arrangements. Besides this, the pumpkins have a handmade look which makes them a great talking point.

You can shop for some online or at a local store or even create your own! There’s no end to the possibilities. Plus, they can be reused year after year.

Decorated Fireplace Coats

One long-lasting fall and winter trend is a spruced-up

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