Switching water suppliers for your business

All businesses can now switch business water suppliers. The deregulated water industry was designed to make it easier for businesses to switch business water suppliers. You should note that a business water supplier buys water in bulk from the water wholesaler and then sells it to you. They are responsible for many things. This includes accurately invoicing your business for water used, providing and acting as a point of contact when something goes wrong, arranging for water meter readings, and many more. If you want to reduce your water bills, then you should choose a business water supplier with great business water rates. This page discusses switching water suppliers for your business.

Switching business water suppliers

First, you need to identify the water tariffs that other water suppliers are offering. Each business water supplier can decide the amount to charge their customers. Therefore, you need to compare your current water deal with the available alternatives. Once you have done this, you can choose a new water supplier. But it can depend on price and the quality of customer service you want to get from your new water supplier.

You should also remember to contact your new business water supplier to start the onboarding process. This can involve agreeing to a new water contract that depends on passing a credit check with the new water supplier.

When you complete the onboarding process with the new business water supplier, they can contact your old business water supplier to arrange the switch of your water supply. Your old water supplier can issue the last invoice that you need to settle so that the switching process can be completed.

It’s worth mentioning that business water rates often increase each year. This is because the cost of maintaining the water and sewerage systems increases every year. And, in the deregulated water market, business water suppliers can decide to increase water prices each year. It can be stressful for any business owner to see their business water bills rising each year. The good thing is that you can switch business water suppliers to get the right one with better water rates.

Things that you should expect while making the switch

The amount of water as well as the water supply details to your business premises is recorded by the water regulator. The records are kept on the database which is updated once the meter reading is done or anything changes in the water supply to your business premises.

Each business water supplier can access this database. This allows them to make a seamless switch from one business water supplier to another. Keep in mind that when you switch business water suppliers, you may receive a final water bill from your previous water suppliers and the first water bill from your current water supplier.

The crucial thing you need to be aware of is that nothing changes to how water is supplied to your business premises. There is no water supply interruption or changes to the quality of water your business receives.