Charming and Modern Minimalist Home Makeup Guide

Generally, if a house is built in a minimalist style, the interior design and decoration will also be familiar with this concept. One minimalist concept that is very often highlighted is a simple form, but it always looks beautiful and modern.

There is no furniture and makeup that is very dominant or large dimensions both outside and inside the house, but it can always create a safe atmosphere. There are many ways to make a small or minimalist home make-up beautiful, for example by buying the right furniture or paint.

So for that, we will recommend 8 ways to do minimalist home makeup so that your home is more attractive.

8 Tips for Decorating a Tiny House with a Minimalist Style

Selection of Bright but Always Neutral Colors

The minimalist style does look like a simple home make-up, but each element must be selected properly. For example, the selection of minimalist house paint, where this is very important to produce the desired atmosphere.

For minimalist home makeup, the selection of brightly patterned room paint can produce a modern impression and a safe atmosphere. Bright motifs such as white and neutral colors such as gray and pastels are the hallmarks of a minimalist home.

While you can go for lighter colors, we recommend always using derived colors and limiting the number of colors selected. To support the desired concept, you can also choose curtains that are uniform with the room. The selection of window curtains can be a point of interest … Read More

4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle for Healthy Families

An eco-friendly lifestyle is not only beneficial for nature, you know, but also brings benefits to your family. Environmentally friendly habits that are done consistently can make a family healthier and happier.

Implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to replace commonly used items with items labeled ‘eco-friendly’. An environmentally friendly lifestyle can be started from small habits that are done with family at home.

Here are some eco-friendly lifestyle tips that you can apply with your family at home:

1. Invite children to play outside the house

Besides being fun, playing outdoors is one way you can give your little one an understanding of the importance of preserving nature.

Well, to do this, you can get him used to playing in the residential garden or invite him to pick fruits and vegetables directly on the cake.

Then, while doing outdoor activities with your little one, you can provide an understanding of how to protect nature, for example by telling them the importance of planting trees and not littering.

But remember, if you want to take your children to play outdoors during a COVID-19 pandemic like this, you need to comply with the applicable health protocols.

2. Use eco-friendly products

Using various household products that are environmentally friendly can also be applied as a way to protect the environment with your family. When washing for example, you can choose an unscented detergent or a detergent with less foam that produces less chemical waste.

In addition, you can use natural … Read More

Minimalist Home Interior Inspirations for All Rooms

Minimalism is all around us, from product packaging, website pages, to home interior design. If you type the keyword “minimalist home interior inspiration” in the search engine, an image of a residence with a simple design and minimal furniture will appear.

As is well known, the term minimalism is used to describe a trend in architectural design where elements are used only according to need. In this case, minimalist home interior design tries to make everything in it beautiful

How to Apply Minimalist Interior Design at Home

If so, what is needed to apply a minimalist design to the dwelling? As an illustration, minimalist home interiors focus on designs and elements that seem clean and simple.

Geometric shapes, firm lines, elegant colors and textures, as well as multifunctional decorations are some of the characteristics of a modern minimalist style house. To apply a minimalist style to your home, you can listen to some of the tips below:

  •     Choose furniture that has multiple functions
  •     Incorporate plants and natural elements into your home
  •     Keep the house clean
  •     Use the “one in, one out” rule
  •     Maximize natural lighting
  •     Keep the room looking simple
  •     Add accessories that match the interior style

Next, let’s look at some minimalist home interior inspiration that can be applied in various different rooms.

Interior of a minimalist living room with an industrial feel

The first example of a minimalist home interior is an open living room with the impression of an unfinished design in the style of an industrial … Read More

12 Critical Questions to Consider When Building a House Extension in Ireland

Maybe the plan was to move to a bigger house… however current economic circumstances have removed this option for many people. The next option, and often times the best option, is to look at how to create more space in your existing house.

What sort of space do you need, where do you need it, how should it integrate with the rest of the house, and what impact will it have on the existing house in terms of light, space, comfort, disruption, and value?

Here are 12 critical questions to consider when planning your house extension project in Ireland:

  1. What sort of space do you need – living room, kitchen, playroom, utility room, downstairs bathroom, home office, open plan kitchen/dining/living room? Consider the long-term issues as well as your immediate problem, and consider how a prospective house buyer might value and appreciate what you are considering.
  2. What are your options in terms of where you can extend, and how suited is this to your space requirements? For example, having an attic conversion as a playroom for small children doesn’t make great sense.
  3. What impact will the extension have on the existing house and garden? Consider how the extension will impact on light within the existing house, for example, and how you will compensate for this.
  4. Do you require planning permissions? In Ireland you are allowed to extend by up to 40 sqm (430 sqft) of additional floor area at the back of your house without planning permission, subject to certain
Read More

15 Decorative Ceiling Beams ideas That Are Elegant

Let’s accept it! We all have some things that make up the list of our dream houses. When it comes to building a house you love, you would want everything that makes it stand out. Well, every little thing contributes to it. Even your ceiling. Decorative ceiling beams ideas can alter the overall look of your house.

We all want something special in our houses. It can be an expensive kitchen or a fireplace that is cozy. Everyone has a different definition of having an ideal home. For you, it could be having a remarkable ceiling. You can make your ideal home come alive with the help of some decorative ceiling beams ideas.

Ceiling beams are a great way to add a luxurious touch to your home. They play a role in adding some textured detail to your home. It does not matter whether you have a small home with a low ceiling. Decorative ceiling beams ideas work just fine in elevating its look. After all, they can change the overall appearance of the room for good. So, let us explore some of the best ideas that you can try on your house’s ceiling.

Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas (1-3)

Here are our top three picks for ceiling beams ideas that help you decorate your house beautifully.

Paint Your Walls and Ceiling White- Minimalist Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas

Paint Your Walls and Ceiling White- Minimalist Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas
Paint Your Walls and Ceiling White- Minimalist Decorative Ceiling Beams Ideas

We are aware of the minimalist trend that people love nowadays. So,

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Popular Types of Home Extensions

In recent times, not only do most homeowners find it difficult to create extra space within their home to easily accommodate the requirements of an enlarging family, but are trying hard to cut down home improvement or home renovation costs by investing wisely. For all, depending on a feasible home extension plan is a suitable choice. Based on the customer’s requirement, home extension designs vary from a simple conservatory extension to a more complex upward multi-storey option. As there are several possibilities, it is extremely essential to look for the assistance of a professional team or a reputable builder to get hold of the most suitable design for your existing house or property. Such experts always strive to make professional and creative designs that incorporate all your demanding requirements in the best way possible.

Extending or renovating a home is becoming an increasing trendy option with homeowners who are looking for additional space. Depending on the type of your existing house or property, a home extension service can be applied to the front, side or rear of the original build. Basically, there are two main categories of home extensions – a single storey extension and a two storey / multi-storey extension. This can further include side extensions, front extensions, rear extensions, porches, conservatories and orangeries. To make a sensible home improvement or a house refurbishment choice, several important factors are needed to be considered.

The first and foremost is the cost and labor essential for your extension job. Often, a … Read More