4 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle for Healthy Families

An eco-friendly lifestyle is not only beneficial for nature, you know, but also brings benefits to your family. Environmentally friendly habits that are done consistently can make a family healthier and happier.

Implementing an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to replace commonly used items with items labeled ‘eco-friendly’. An environmentally friendly lifestyle can be started from small habits that are done with family at home.

Here are some eco-friendly lifestyle tips that you can apply with your family at home:

1. Invite children to play outside the house

Besides being fun, playing outdoors is one way you can give your little one an understanding of the importance of preserving nature.

Well, to do this, you can get him used to playing in the residential garden or invite him to pick fruits and vegetables directly on the cake.

Then, while doing outdoor activities with your little one, you can provide an understanding of how to protect nature, for example by telling them the importance of planting trees and not littering.

But remember, if you want to take your children to play outdoors during a COVID-19 pandemic like this, you need to comply with the applicable health protocols.

2. Use eco-friendly products

Using various household products that are environmentally friendly can also be applied as a way to protect the environment with your family. When washing for example, you can choose an unscented detergent or a detergent with less foam that produces less chemical waste.

In addition, you can use natural ingredients that you have at home, such as apple cider vinegar, orange or lemon juice, and baking soda, to make a house cleaning liquid.

3. Apply 3R . system

3R stands for reuse, reduce, and recycle. This 3R system is an excellent way to handle and manage waste, you know, .

One example is storing the various equipment of the older sibling, such as toys, books, and clothes, to be reused by the younger sibling in the future.

In addition, you can get your child used to bringing their own water bottles, food containers, and shopping bags when they go out of the house. These things can help reduce and avoid single-use plastic.

4. Avoid burning trash carelessly

Avoiding littering is also important to remember and do. The reason is that the smoke from burning garbage contains hazardous chemicals that can have a bad impact, both on the environment and on the health of you and your family.

For the environment, this can certainly cause air pollution. Meanwhile, for health, this can increase the body’s risk of experiencing various diseases, such as cancer.

Well, after knowing the various eco-friendly lifestyle tips as above, you can immediately try it with your family. Also remember to do it consistently, so that this lifestyle becomes a habit.

If you still have questions regarding an eco-friendly lifestyle for a healthier family, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.