Security Surveillance Camera Outside Home Means Less Crime

Many suburban homes have installed a security surveillance camera to protect their dwellings from property damage or potential home invasion. It is proven that a property chances of being a victim of crime is drastically reduced, when the potential criminal knows the property is under surveillance. Some studies show homes in certain neighborhoods are up to 75{a35e9624d39d09a786c5f8acdb55c526966431d9c107db63c11fc3d9ba4fafc9} less chance to be violated by criminals when a camera is displayed outside.

Security systems have gone up in quality and dropped in price over the last decade. This has been due to computer systems popping up in homes, DVR technology and military knowledge being integrated into cameras and being mass produced. 15 years ago, a night vision device could run $2000 to $6000. Now, you can pick up a four day color night vision / infrared system, with four cameras and 500 GB hard drive Nuvcio EVL-4500 DVR costing $450 to $700.

There are many high tech individual cameras you can pick up for under $100. The Sony 1/3″ CCD Infrared LED Security Camera can be purchased for $89. An indoor/outdoor Bullet Security Camera Night Vision Model # SUN-LIR30HF comes with night vision capability for up to 80 feet. It also has a built in microphone that allows for audio surveillance. The price for the SUN-LIR30Hf is $64.95. You can get dome cameras, motion cameras, hidden ones, cameras that tilt, zoom and pan an area. You can even get cameras that are vandal proof. It depends on your needs, affordability, time available and your level of commitment for the right system for your home.

A security surveillance camera is a must to protect your homes, property and loved ones. A potential criminal will go elsewhere once they see a camera posted outside the home. One of the main reasons a security camera prevents crime is because the “bad guy” is caught on tape and can be identified. Once they are identified, they know the police can apprehend them and get a conviction. The criminal will go to find easier prey. It use to be that these security systems were only for the rich. But, with technology, the need and mass production, they have become very affordable and cost effective.