Hydronic Baseboard Heaters – The Perfect Solution For Older Homes & Remodels

Since 1940, the technology of the hydronic heater has been transformed from a bulky and somewhat noisy heating solution to today’s hydronic baseboard heaters; slim, quiet lower wall hugging, super efficient heating marvels.

The function of hydronic baseboard heaters is very simple; hot water piped in from a boiler heats a small heat exchanger, heating air that is drawn in from the bottom of the unit and sending it out the top heating the room. With the modern design of hydronic heaters instillation is quick and easy, only requiring fastening to the wall and connection to the inlet and return line. Because these modern hydronic heaters operate on lower temperature water they can be installed without fear of damaging the wall or surrounding areas.

A hydronic baseboard heater that is only 3 feet in length can easily heat most rooms more quickly and efficiently than electric space heaters and they also make a wonderful replacement for ceramic space heaters as well. There are also stand alone hydronic heaters that have a fixed water channel or tube connected to an electrical heating element that is wired into a wall thermostat. These types of hydronic heaters are perfect for simple heating solutions for basements or other parts of your home where connection to a central boiler is not possible.

The downside to using fixed water element hydronic heaters is they require periodic refilling and tend to lose their heating efficiency as the electrical elements ware out. They still provide economical heating that … Read More

House Painting With Natural Paints

If you are truly dedicated to the eco movement, you might consider using natural mineral-based paints for your next house painting project. In addition to being the most environmentally friendly option, these paints have particular characteristics that affect how you use them and when they are practical. Natural paints are those that are manufactured from only natural substances: pigments are often made from minerals and clay; solvents and fillers are also derived from organic sources, such as plant resins. House painting with natural paints, as we will see, is actually quite easy and delivers great results.

Natural milk paints are an excellent choice for interior walls, cabinets and furniture, although they have a different look than standard paints. They give a grainy look with very little shine, and are not particularly washable on their own, so it is often a good idea to seal with a clear coat. Milk paint actually comes in powder form, and you must mix it with water, usually 1 part water to 1 part powder, or according to the manufacturers instructions. They are fairly expensive: priced at $30 (Can.) or more for enough product to cover 150 square feet of surface. But you get both a green product, and a unique finish that is sure to impress.

Milk paint and other natural paints can be applied using conventional brushes and rollers, but the steps to the coating system are a little different. First of all, milk paint requires a porous substrate to bond well. It … Read More

The Process of Customization of Screw Locking Machines

The customization process of a whole screwing machine is done based on a lot of factors. In this article, we are going to take a look at the customization of the automatic screw machine on the basis of the product of the customer. Read on to find out more.

1. First of all, the company gets in touch with the customer in order to find out and confirm the demands of the customer. Apart from this, they also ask the customer for the actual samples.

2. The R&D department of the project organizes a special team in order to perform a basic analysis of the product’s internal structure and provides a fundamental solution for the production line.

3. The engineer takes part in the discussions that allow the exchange of information. During these discussions, the customer may ask for the required details about the machine they need.

This allows the project team to get professional answers. Also, if a customer feels the need to change a specific part of the machine, the engineers can perform the feasibility evaluation first. Afterward, they keep the discussions going to reach a decision.

4. After detailed discussions, the final solution is agreed upon.

5. After the confirmation of the solution, the concerned parties sign the contract. Once the contract has been signed, the company may ask for advance payment for the automatic screw locking machine.

6. The supplier will make arrangements for a special team to put together and supply the drawing to the … Read More