Benefits of Sleeping well in a Cold Room

A good night’s sleep is important for physical and mental health. So, good quality sleep not only provides a healthy body but also the mind. Not only sleeping well, here are other benefits of sleeping in a cold room:

Sleeping well

1. Reduce insomnia

Research conducted by the University of South Australia shows that sleeping in a cool room will lead to a better night’s sleep and help treat sleeplessness.

This is because the core body temperature actually has to drop to initiate sleep.

So if you have trouble sleeping, this could be the solution.

2. Increase the creation of melatonin

Melatonin not only makes you sleep well, but this hormone also promotes anti-aging.

Other benefits of increased melatonin production are regular menstrual cycles, mood enhancement, weight loss, fighting cancer, and increased brain health.

A cool room helps the body produce melatonin and encourages natural melatonin production.

3. Reduce the risk of metabolic disease

Research has shown sleeping in a cool room helps burn calories while being nourished.

It also helps increase good fats in the body which lowers the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

That means that with a strong metabolism you will lose weight much faster.

4. Better sleep quality

Doctor Christopher Winter Medical Director, Charlottesville& Sleep Medicine says that colder temperatures promote restful sleep, whereas hotter environments increase comprehension and reduce sleep quality.

5. Reduce stress

Cortisol is known as the ‘thought pressure hormone’.

This also causes an increase in body weight and mental stress.

A good night’s sleep lowers this hormone.

The method of making a cold room without air conditioning:

– Use a fan

Fans can help regulate bedroom temperature and keep air circulation.

The fan will also help evaporate the sweat that forms on your body while sleeping.

You can fill a bowl with ice and then put it in front of a fan to produce a cool and refreshing gust of air.

– Sleep naked

Sleeping naked will help maintain core body temperature.

On the other hand, if you sleep with a companion, be aware that you will generate excess body heat with skin-to-skin contact.

– Open the window

An open window also helps air circulation similar to using a fan.

Open the windows and let the fresh air cool the room.

– Drink water

Water has a cooling effect and will help lower the body’s core temperature.